International Relations


U of Seoul, Korea] New Partnership Proposal for Student Exchange

The University of Seoul, is a public university, supported directly by Seoul Metropolitan Government. With the student body of 12,000, we are a comprehensive university with 8 Colleges and Schools, and 10 Graduate Schools.

In terms of the internationalization, UOS is partnering with 340 universities in 60 countries (MoU with Student Exchange Agreement in most of the cases) and we are a member of ISEP. For our students’ strong global competitiveness, UOS runs quite a strong student exchange program, which invites about 500 international students per year (including Spring & Fall semester exchanges and Seoul International Summer School exchanges) and sending out about the same number of Korean students abroad on exchange. For more details about our exchange program, you can find it at our website here;

As we have noticed rapidly growing interest for studying in Korea, UOS recently set “No-Limit” to invite exchange students from our partner universities around the world. In this occasion, UOS is looking for new partners to join this project of enhancing student mobility which has been already accelerated after a long wait for the end of the pandemic. At the moment, in this Spring semester 2022, UOS has 200 exchange students with us on campus, and we expect 300 in the Fall 2022 with the “No-Limit” project, and we are aiming 500 exchange student on our campus. We are very proud to say that we are ready for this big growth in terms of courses taught in English (the most essential factor for running inbound student exchange program successfully) and of scholarships (on a reciprocal basis). With our new partners, the future collaboration will not be limited to student exchange, but we are open to any kind of collaborative projects with your suggestion.