International Relations


Online MBA

 the Netherlands Education Group. as an educational institution offering the programs of additional education helping young people to get practical skills to prepare for the start of their careers. Our programs help them to develop soft skills needed for the modern labor market and create professional international network.

We are starting a new program – MBA. Our focus is on helping every participant to determine own strengths and build the future career based on them. At the moment we are in process of applying for the accreditation for Master education in the Netherlands and we only offer Online MBA (which is in this case – Modern Business Administration). According to the rules in the Netherlands before qualifying for starting a master program, we have to have a number of students that already followed the program of our course. And that is why we invite participants to join our Online program with quite a low subsidized rate and offer to all students who complete the program to join our MBA program in Amsterdam for free after we receive the accreditation. Do you think students at your university might be interested in such opportunity – to follow an Online program which is equivalent for an actual MBA with the possibility to attend a physical MBA after we receive the accreditation? If so – we would be more than happy if you could spread the information among the students – here is the link to the program –

Also for students who would like to get a practical experience during studies, we offer the program of the Fellowship, where they can – in case of successful performance – travel to Amsterdam for the period up to 3 months fully covered by us – If you think that your students would be interested – we would be very happy if you could share the information about this program as well.