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Mentorship Programme (CAMP),

Mentorship Programme (CAMP), which is run by the African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU), a student-led society. CAMP aims to increase the application and success rate of postgraduate applicants from Africa and the African diaspora coming to Cambridge by providing 1-to-1 mentorship and guidance on the Cambridge postgraduate application process. We seek outstanding African and diasporan students aspiring to complete a postgraduate degree at a world-class university and we would love to welcome students from your university to apply to our selective mentorship programme. I would sincerely appreciate it if you advertised our mentorship scheme to your student and alumni networks. Thank you very much for your help. you’ll find our flyer. At the following link you’ll find our mentee information packet and mentee application form: you’ll also find an email blurb you can share with your students when you share the flyer:Are you an aspiring African (or person of African descent) seeking a postgraduate degree from a world-class university? Would you like insider information on the postgraduate application process? Now’s your chance! The African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU) created the Cambridge University African Students Mentorship Programme (CAMP) to put you on the road to your application success.CAMP is a free virtual mentoring scheme that guides prospective applicants through the University of Cambridge postgraduate application process. We will pair you with a current postgraduate student, researcher, academic or alumnus of the University of Cambridge. There will be monthly group information webinars and weekly 1-to-1 sessions where you will be given the best advice on personal statement writing, CV and project proposal drafting and funding applications. The programme will run from August 2022 to December 2022 for the 2022/2023 academic session.Who can join CAMP?Outstanding Africans and diasporans seeking a postgraduate degree from the University of Cambridge who exhibit academic excellence and a passion for their field.For more information and to apply, visit The deadline to apply is July 1st 2022.