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Warm Greetings from Kyushu University!  We hope this finds you and your colleagues good in health.

Attached please find our fact sheet and relevant materials for our exchange programs for Spring 2024.
If you have nominee(s) for exchange from April 2024 for a semester or a full academic year, please complete the application process as below.

1. Nomination Deadline : September 30, 2023
2. WEB Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

*1. Please send a completed nomination sheet to us by email.
*2. Submission of application materials should be completed by nominated student(s). Details will be notified once we receive a nomination sheet from your office.

You can also nominate your students for ‘Q-PELS (Kyushu University Program for Emerging Leaders in Science)’ which is research-oriented student exchange program for graduate and undergraduate students. Attached is a detailed instruction including list of host laboratories.
* Q-PELS consists of following 4 faculties, the School of Science, the Graduate School of Science, the Graduate School of Mathematics and the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences.

In case that you cannot send your students’ nomination sheet by the deadline or have any problems regarding the above schedule, please let us know in advance.

Furthermore we published the brochure about exchange program at Kyushu University.
Hope this materials will be helpful for your students who would like to study abroad in Japan.

(Semester Abroad in Japan -Kyushu University Exchange Programs-)

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
Your continued support and partnership would be always appreciated.

Best regards,
Yuko HAYASHI (Ms.)
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