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Hubert H.Humphrey Fellowship Program.

The Fulbright Commission in Egypt is pleased to announce the annual competition for the Hubert H.Humphrey Fellowship Program. This one-year Fellowship program is offered to young and midcareer professionals who have a proven track record of leadership, a public service commitment, andthe capacity to benefit from a program of independent non-degree study at a leading U.S. university,as well as a wide variety of professional development activities, including conducting independentprojects, participating in an internship or a professional affiliation, meetings and consultations withU.S. faculty or experts, field trips, and special seminars. The Humphrey Fellowship Program wasinitiated in 1978 to honor the memory and accomplishments of the late Senator and Vice President,Hubert H. Humphrey.Eligible Fields:• Communications/Journalism• Law and Human Rights• Public Policy Analysis and PublicAdministration• Technology Policy and Management• Educational Administration, Planningand Policy• Public Health Policy and Management• Substance Abuse Education, Treatmentand Prevention• Agriculture and Rural Development• Economic Development• Finance and Banking• Natural Resources, EnvironmentalPolicy and Climate Change• Urban and Regional PlanningEligibility Criteria:• Egyptian citizenship.• Applicants must be residing in Egypt starting from the application process and throughout theselection, placement and pre-departure processes.• Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field of study.• Five years of full-time professional experience. Demonstrated leadership qualities and a record ofpublic service.• Proof of English Language proficiency from any of the approved test centers below. Applicants mustsubmit a score report for only one of the following tests:o TOEFL (ITP) – minimum score 525o TOEFL iBT – minimum score 71o IELTS – minimum score 6.0o Duolingo English Test – minimum score 95o English Proficiency Test from Egyptian Universities – minimum score 525Important note: Candidates who meet all Humphrey program requirements but lack the necessarylanguage skills are encouraged to apply. If nominated and selected, they will travel to the U.S. for anintensive 20–25-week pre-academic English program to improve their language skills. They shouldsubmit a score report for only one of the following tests:o TOEFL (ITP) – minimum score 440o TOEFL iBT – minimum score 42o IELTS – minimum score 5.0o Duolingo English Test – minimum score 70o English Proficiency Test from Egyptian Universities – minimum score 440• Limited prior experience in the U.S.o Individuals who had more than six months of U.S. experience during the five years prior toAugust 2024 are ineligible.o Individuals who have attended a graduate school in the U.S. for one academic year or moreduring the last seven years prior to August 2024 are ineligible.o Individuals who have participated in a State Department exchange programs within the lastthree years prior to August 2024 are ineligible.• Qualified women are encouraged to apply.• Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.• Applicants have to successfully complete all the steps of the assessment and selection process andsuccessfully finalize all required procedures.• Note: University teachers must have management or policy responsibilities, except for teachers ofEnglish as a foreign language, and specialists in substance abuse prevention and treatment.• The following persons and their immediate family members (i.e. spouses and children) are ineligibleto apply during and for a period ending one year following the termination of such employment:employees of the U.S. Department of State; local employees of the U.S. missions abroad who work forthe U.S. Department of State and/or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID);employees at organizations implementing exchange programs for the Bureau of Educational andCultural Affairs at the Department of State; as well as Board Members or staff of a FulbrightCommission or their families (up to fourth kin).• Individuals with dual U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent resident status may not apply to the program asthey are ineligible for a J visa.English language proficiency score reports may be submitted only from one of the following:Test Type Test Center Name Location of Test CenterTOEFL ITPAMIDEAST Cairo – AlexandriaNile Academy MansouraSkills Castle Benha – TantaAmerican Center for Continuing Education AssiutTOEFL iBTPlease check available test centers at: governoratesacross EgyptAcademic/GeneralTraining IELTSBritish Council Cairo – AlexandriaIDP Center Cairo – AlexandriaDuolingo English Test OnlineEnglish LanguageProficiency Testofficially administeredby an Egyptian nationaluniversityEgyptian Universities Various governoratesacross EgyptRequired Documents:(All documents must be uploaded to the online application by no later than July13, 2023)• Online Application• Copies of transcripts for all post-secondary degrees in English• Two recommendation letters, one must be from the immediate supervisor at the current homeinstitution• Minimum TOEFL ITP of 440 or its equivalent iBT (42), or IELTS (5.0), or Duolingo (70) or an EnglishProficiency Test from Egyptian Universities (440) from any of the centers in the table above• Scanned copy of the original valid National ID• Personal Photo• Scanned copies of any previous U.S. J1 or J2 visas (if applicable)Important: The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program seeks applicants that have developed a senseof personal integrity and are original thinkers. Copying someone else’s writing, whether from theInternet, from a book or from a friend is considered plagiarism. Any quoted words or sentences shouldinclude a citation. An applicant who is found to have plagiarized in any form (including unintentional oraccidental plagiarism) in his or her application will be disqualified. For further information aboutplagiarism and citation, please click on the following link: Allcontent in applications must be the applicant’s original contribution and his/her own intellectualproperty. Having someone else write or contribute to the writing of an individual’s application, eitherfully or partially, does not uphold the standards of integrity expected of Fulbrighters and may result inthe ineligibility of your application.Grant Benefits:• International travel• Maintenance stipend• Settling-in allowance• Books allowance• Tuition and fees when applicable• Professional development allowance• Health benefits coverageAY2024-2025 Program Timeline:February 1, 2023 Program AnnouncementJuly 13, 2023 Deadline for submitting online applications with all the supportingdocumentsJuly/August 2023 Application ReviewSeptember 2023 Personal Interviews (Only for shortlisted applicants)September 2023 Candidates under further consideration will be informedNovember/December2023Regret Letters (Applicants will be notified via email)TOEFL iBT testing (Only for semi-finalist candidates)March/April 2024 Final SelectionApril/June 2024 Pre-Departure Orientation (Only for principal semi-finalists)April-August 2024 Departure Date (Only for selected applicants who successfullycompleted all above stages and all program pre-departurerequirements)Note: If Long-term English program is needed, grantees will travelstarting from April 2024.Application Link: Information Sessions on Zoom: April 13, May 9, May 24, June 5 and June 18 at 11:00a.m. Registration through the following link: inquiries, please contact us Mobile: 01065547399Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Ramadan Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.FULBRIGHT-EGYPT.ORGHubert H. 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